Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More Blunkett (Indulge Me)

David Blunkett is apparently at it again, this time speaking at a rally in Yorkshire with Tony Blair. As the Telegraph reports (scroll down):

David Blunkett last night accused those middle-class Labour supporters who were thinking of casting their vote in protest against the war in Iraq of "self-indulgence of the worst kind".

The former home secretary told a Labour rally in Huddersfield: "To those who are well off, to those who do not fear what might hit them on Friday, do not vote against us on Iraq because it would be self-indulgence of the worst order to abandon the British people to a Tory government."

What Blunkett is trying to do is make middle-class voters feel like they're being "greedy" by voting for some sort of abstract (airy-fairy?) "cause," to the detriment of the economic interests of poorer Britons. Well, there's nothing airy-fairy about the Iraq war. How exactly can is it self-indulgent to vote against a party because of its habit of going halfway around the world to murder thousands of real-life individual human beings and drop cluster bombs on sleeping babies?

Wouldn't it be just as easy (and more accurate) to say that it would be "self"-indulgent of Britons to base their vote on "their" own narrow economic interests rather than the lives of thousands of innocent "foreigners"? I've never quite understood the view, common among both left- and right-wing statists (when it's even possible to tell them apart), that we should be concerned about the poor who happen to have the same citizenship as us, but we can be indifferent (or worse) to the poor in other countries. Why limit human compassion to those who share the same "nationality" as you? Why should someone in Boston care about whether an "American" in San Diego earns $15 or $18 an hour, but not about whether a "Mexican" in Tijuana has enough food to keep his children from starving?

Anyway, I hope that my Blunkett bashing over the past couple days doesn't make it seem as though I have anything against him in particular. It's his party. Blunkett was in fact responsible for (by my count) one good thing, namely decriminalizing most marijuana possession. Of course, good things don't last very long with the neo-labes in charge, so now Blair has promised to reverse that decision and launched a desperate and ferocious attack on the LibDems' drug policy (treatment rather than incarceration for drug possession), calling such an idea "crackers." This is what's crackers, Tony.

Labour isn't a good government which just happens to be wrong on one issue (Iraq). They're wrong on everything. In the US, the former Trotskyites and social democrats who form today's neoconservative movement at least had the candor to formally switch parties (most of them around 1980) rather than continue under false pretenses. In the UK they stayed in the Labour Party, and made the (frighteningly easy) switch from the radically nationalizing left to the radically nationalist right behind everyone's backs. As I mentioned in my last post, perhaps the reason that switch is so easy to make is that both ideologies seem strikingly unconcerned with individual rights and dignity, which may seem like "abstract" notions to some people, but never to the people whose rights and dignity are being trampled upon.

Anyway, despite the fact that a person stands a far greater chance of being hit by a car on the way to the polling booth than of actually affecting the result in his riding... Vote. (If you want to.)

Going to war in Iraq was the one of the greatest displays of human compassion not limited by nationality in human history. You're not able to see that in sacrificing so much to give Iraqis (and other Middle Easterners) a chance at a life free of fascism Blair, Bush, Howard, et al. have transcended petty nationalism in precisely the way that you recommend? As I'm sure you're aware (how could you not be given the former forum of our debates), isolationist nativism is one of the most common *anti* war attitudes.

Get with the program, buddy. Vote Labour.
Have you seen the movie "Birth of a Nation"? There's a scene where a white family is stuck in a cabin surrounded by a gang of armed black men. Since it looks like they won't be able to hold out any longer, the father raises his rifle butt so he'll be ready to smash his wife and daughter's heads in the moment the cabin is breached, since he, quite compassionately, wants to preserve their virtue from what in that culture was considered a fate worse than death. (If I remember the plot correctly, they're then saved just in time by the KKK. Strange as it may sound to our ears today, that was actually a very politically correct narrative by the standards of the time, but civil war and reconstruction mythology is a topic for another post, or blog.)

Anyway, that's sort of what wars like Iraq and Kosovo are: depraved mass murder masquerading as compassion. Actually, the wars are far worse, since it's at least arguable that the women in "Birth of a Nation," steeped in the racism of their age, would have freely chosen to have had their heads bashed in as the less bad alternative if they'd been asked. In Iraq, nobody asked the victims' permission before murdering them.

Conservatives seem to have given up on even pretending that the invasion has or had the support of the majority of Iraqis, but more importantly, it would have been unjustified even if it had the full support of 99.9% of them, even 99.9% of the ones who died. No one has the moral authority to consent to having his next-door neighbor murdered so that he can gain whatever political or economic benefits it was that the invasion was meant to bring about.

As for the argument that more people would have died if Saddam had remained in power than have died removing him and since, I would say: (1) that's of dubious veracity; (2) it's completely irrelevant even if true, since murdering five people to save ten is still immoral; and (3) even if we were to adopt the very dubious moral standard that we can murder people if we are relatively (how?) certain that it will save more lives that it will take, who gets to count the numbers and analyze the probabilities? Do you trust the government to make that decision? Aren't governments in fact almost uniquely ill-suited for that task?

I'm entirely in favor of legalizing voluntary euthanasia, but before killing someone you have to be absolutely positive that's what the individual in question wants. You were on the right side of this issue in Tampa... why not in Baghdad?
Unless I'm mistaken, I believe that it follow from your line of reasoning that the Allies were behaving as "mass murderers" in liberating Holland and France from the Nazis in World War II. They oughtn't to have liberated Auschwitz either, for that matter, as long as there might have been one person there who would have died "unwillingly". Surely I'm misunderstanding?

The difference between Tampa and Baghdad is that in Tampa the only thing at issue is the life of the person that the state is going to kill. No greater cause is served by Mrs. Schiavo's death. In Baghdad or in any war or military adventure innocent and unwilling people will certainly die, but they will do so as a necessary incident of a greater cause that is justified, such as the defeat of one of history's most destructive and murderous tyrants.

My hunch is that you won't agree with this.
But who gets to decide which "greater causes" we should be murdering people for, or how many deaths any given cause justifies? The government, or you?

If this determination is made by the government, why do you trust that they'll make the right choices about what causes to pursue and how many people to kill? Conversely, if the determination is made by you, why should you be able to use the power of the state in furtherance of your own causes? If you personally feel that deposing a dictator is worth the lives of thousands of innocent people, why don't you pay for the necessary soldiers and airplanes yourself rather than forcing unwilling people to pay for them through taxation?
Well, government decisions and individual decisions aren't entirely unrelated in a democracy. Individuals decide, collectively, who gets to be the government.

I suppose that on the whole I do trust the government of the U.S. to make the right decision about what causes to pursue. If it seems to go wrong, then I will write my congressman, so to speak. At some point, someone has to decide what to pursue and what not to pursue--given the unpredictability of these things I don't see how we could hope to avoid the possibility of error altogether.

And don't say that we can solve the problem by avoiding war completely. Deciding not to pursue a cause can also be seen (in your rather grandiose description) as "murdering" people--such as in Rwanda or Darfur. This should be recognized by you of all people, as you have repeatedly argued that all people, not just those in the U.S. or Canada (i.e. our own country), have the same moral claims on us (and presumably on our governments). If Americans were suffering as the Iraqis were suffering under Saddam, the U.S. government would have to step in, even if it meant killing people. So why not the same consideration for the suffering Iraqis?

As for the unwilling taxpayers (such as yourself, I suppose), their wishes are accounted for democratically. In matters of state, the government makes its decision and the people have to support it with their taxes. The existence of the state is a precondition of the ability to conduct commerce in any significant way, not to mention of the ability to safeguard one's earnings and property. In return for that you accept your responsibility to turn over some of your wealth to the state, even where you don't agree with the purposes that it has democratically decided to pursue with the help of the funds.

My country, right or wrong...that should be your motto. But I suspect it isn't.
surely those rich middle class wankers who indulged in the lib dems were the same rich middle class wankers who turned to labour in 1997.

me, i'm glad to be rich and indulgent. Like a nice chocalate cake, enjoyed by most. i'm glad to have the choice to be able to use a protest vote.

maybe that's what being democratic is..... maybe david blunkett needs to remember what democracy is.

good to see he's got a job that's going to make him unpopular.

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