Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Reactionary Manifesto

I, Ectomorph has an interesting post up which reads something like a clarion call, or swan song, of modern conservatism. Ectomorph's manifesto ably synthesizes and distills various currents of conservative thought, but at the end of the day you can't make a silk purse out of an ideological sow's ear. Or, as the conservative might say instead, since our ancestors couldn't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, that gives us the right to ban, imprison, and put to the sword anyone who attempts to do so.

Ectomorph quotes a lament from Edmund Burke's 1790 pamphlet "Reflections on the Revolution in France", a veritable paean to aristocracy and feudalism:

All the pleasing illusions, which made power gentle and obedience liberal...are to be dissolved by this new conquering empire of light and reason.
Elsewhere in the same work, Burke bemoans:

Never, never more, shall we behold a generous loyalty to rank and sex, that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart, which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom...

On this scheme of things, a king is but a man; a queen is but a woman; a woman is but an animal; and an animal not of the highest order. . .
Burke's fear is that freedom is impossible under an egalitarian, democratic system because legislators, fearing for their jobs, will try to outbid each other for the affections of the voters, which will lead to more and more legislation, which is the antithesis of liberty. Burke is, of course, correct about this. But he wildy, no, pathologically overstates the merits of the old system. "Gentle" power? "Proud" submission? "Freedom" through servitude? Burke has managed to anticipate Orwell by a century and a half, but unfortunately without a trace of the latter's irony. How many millions of corpses, slain by kings and noblemen for the sake of "order," does it take before Burke can no longer with a straight face describe such manifestations of power as "gentle"?

I think that the basic problem with this philosophy is the characterization, which Ectomorph identifies but does not disagree with, of order, rank, and class as "organic" or natural. Material inequality may well be natural, but aristocracy? What exactly is natural about an organized state stealing its subjects' money to distribute to the people who the state arbitrarily decides to call Dukes, Earls, of Viscounts? I think that the Kirkians sees these artifical, coercively enforced group distinctions as natural because they fail to see that the very existence of the state itself, which is required to enforce them, is contrived and artificial. The fact that, absent any coercion at all, some people would possess more than others, does not excuse state intervention to define, order, maintain, and increase such inequality.

Kolnai is correct that there is an ineliminable gap between "is" and "ought." And when the revolutionary statist attempts to bridge that gap through force and coercion, that's not only immoral, it's also usually counterproductive. But at least the revolutionary tends to admit that he's using force as an agent of "change" (to bring about an "unnatural" result). The problem with the conservative is that he doesn't admit that his support for the use of the state to "maintain" or "conserve" the distinctions that happen to currently exist is equally coercive and artificial. Instead he pretends that his power is gentle, his order natural, his hydrogen bomb "organic." Here's a challenge to these conservatives: If order, rank, and hierarchy are natural, why not abolish government and let them continue to develop, naturally? I think the reason they don't do this is that it's much more likely that once we stop using coercive force (the state) to artificially maintain the divisions and power hierarchies of the past, "is" and "ought" will be, while certainly not united, far closer together than they are now. They could hardly be farther apart.

The most frustrating thing about Burke is that, in his youth, he realized all of this, and it was only later that he got onto the wrong track. In 1757 he wrote, anonymously, "A Vindication of Natural Society". He would later disown it and claim that it was satire, but Murray Rothbard strenuously disputes this, seeing that claim as politically motivated. In "Vindication," Burke denounces not only democracy, as he would continue to do, but also aristocracy and despotism, systems he would later sing the praises of. He writes:

My Antagonists have already done as much as I could desire. Parties in Religion and Politics make sufficient Discoveries concerning each other, to give a sober Man a proper Caution against them all. The Monarchic, Aristocratical, and Popular Partizans have been jointly laying their Axes to the Root of all Government, and have in their Turns proved each other absurd and inconvenient.
(Which was also Mencken's point years later when he wrote: "Under democracy, one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule – and both commonly succeed, and are right."). Burke continues:

In vain you tell me that Artificial Government is good, but that I fall out only with the Abuse. The Thing! the Thing itself is the Abuse! Observe, my Lord, I pray you, that grand Error upon which all artificial legislative Power is founded. It was observed, that Men had ungovernable Passions, which made it necessary to guard against the Violence they might offer to each other. They appointed Governors over them for this Reason; but a worse and more perplexing Difficulty arises, how to be defended against the Governors? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Why did Burke go from being such a radical and eloquent spokesman for liberty and anarchy in 1757 to being an apologist for Reaction in 1790? Does it perhaps have something to do with the abbreviation "M.P."? I don't know the answer, but I do know that power tends to corrupt. And the Westminster system corrupts absolutely.

Postscript: I'd also like to know how, in light of their Burkeanism, 21st-century conservatives are able to justify the Jacobinist exportation of permanent revolution to the whole world through cluster bombs and napalm, or the complete subjugation of the individual to the interests of the total police state. But I guess that's a topic for another post.
To your last question, if I can disentangle its essence from the "napalm" rhetoric, I can only say "with trepidation, and gingerly, in a generous if perhaps illusioned spirit that is willing to give the possibility of human improvement one last chance."

Many conservatives would agree with you, emphatically, about the state and war. George Grant bitterly opposed Vietnam and your comment reminded me of what Richard Weaver wrote of the atomic bomb program. I take the liberty of quoting Weaver at length, beginning with a preliminary passage that puts the comment in its conservative perspective:

"Division of labor may become so minute that it is impossible for the individual to grasp the ethical implications of his task, even if he were disposed to try. And when we harness this industrial organization to modern political bureaucracy, we get a monster of frightful aspect. Under such arrangement the state not only unmans its citizens but makes criminals of them in addition.

"There could be no better example of this than the atomic-bomb project of the United States in the second World War. At Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a force of seventy thousand persons labored at an undertaking whose nature they knew little or nothing about; in fact, wartime propaganda had been so effective that they took pride in their ignorance and boasted of it as a badge of honor or as a sign of co-operation--in what? It is just possible that a few, and I should be willing to say a very few, had they known that their efforts were being directed to the slaughter of noncombatants on a scale never before contemplated, or to a perfection of brutality as we have defined the term, might have refused complicity. Perhaps they would have had some concept of war as an institution which forbids aimless killing; perhaps they would have had a secret feeling that the world is morally designed and that offenses of this kind, under whatever auspices committed, bring retribution; in any case, it is just possible that a few of these anonymous toilers would have given a thought to the larger responsibility. It was rumored that among the world's elite concerned with atomic research there were a few who declined to participate in an operation so contrary to the canons of civilization. Their names have remained unsung. It is to their credit that they rose above specialization, but to do this they had to contemplate ends. The laborers in the vast enterprise were in no such position, but few tears have been shed for them. Imagine the modern state considering a referendum to conscience! The bomb was an unparalleled means; was this not enough? Just so does modern industrial and political organization, which is irrational hierarchy, make the citizen an ethical eunuch. If Thoreau felt, in his time, that it was a disgrace even to be associated with the government, what would he have felt in this? These corrupt bureaucracies are contemptuous of the people, in whose name they so piously speak."

Richard M. Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences (University of Chicago Press, 1948), 64-5.

In some ways you're more of a conservative than I am. But throwing these labels around is a great waste of scarce intellectual resources.
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